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Monday, August 6, 2012

Three Jets Avoid Collision!

"3 US Airways Commuter Jets Avoid Last-Second Collision Near Washington, D.C."

Jets, Collision, US Airways, US Airways Express,Reagan National Airport“Three US Airways Express planes, carrying a total of 192 passengers and crew members, were reportedly taking off or landing at Washington's Reagan National Airport when they came within 12 seconds of a mid-air collision."  
Jim Avila/Good Morning America

Wow!  What a story!  Talk about a close call!  I’m so thankful that those 192 men, women and children were able to walk off those planes and into the arms of friends and loved ones.

The thing is, I imagine that while this dangerous, potentially life-ending event was happening, the passengers and most of the crew had no idea what was taking place. 

It makes me wonder how many emotional, physical, and spiritual catastrophes our gracious Lord averts for me every day... and I don’t even realize He’s doing it! 

This makes me want to lift my hands to the Lord and thank Him for His  
lovingly-extended protection, grace, and mercy! 
How about you?

"Hear my cry for mercy as I call to You for help, as I lift up my hands toward Your 
most Holy Place."
Psalm 28:2
"Jesus...said,  Go home to your own people and tell them how much the Lord has
done for you, and how He has had mercy on you."
Mark 5:19
 Living in His grace,


I'd love to hear how God has extended His mercy in your life! 



  1. God has extended His mercy on me so many times, I think about the car accidents I come up on where if I had taken seconds more to get ready or left just a few minutes earlier it would have me in the accident. I can't imagine all the times that I don't know about. I am so thankful for Gods grace and mercy. Thanks for writing this blog ,it always gives me something to think and reflect on.

  2. Your comment Mary are a good reminder! About 15 years ago I had my "plan" for the day, when the Lord interrupted my carefully orchestrated schedule with a phone call from a rather "yack-y" acquaintance. I was upset to miss my window to grocery shop, and wondered when I would get the things that I needed. Later that day I learned of a 9 car pile up in the grocery store parking lot where I was planning to shop. Had I not gotten that phone call, I would have likely been at that spot in the parking lot, with my 2 little boys, when the pileup occurred. I'm thankful my heavenly Father knew what I really needed that day more than groceries. I'm thankful he preserved and protected us, and also gave me a very vivid and gracious reminder that HE is the one in charge of our daily plans. Now I seek to lay my daily "to do" list at his feet each morning.

  3. Beth Ann, that's an amazing story! I'm so thankful that our loving heavenly Father extended His mercy to you and your sons that day! Thank you for the reminder to lay my "to do" list at His feet. I needed that! ~Mary~

  4. Christie, thank you for taking time to share your thoughts on God's awesome mercy. This story certainly caused me to reflect on His grace and merciful protection.
    I'm so glad you stopped by!


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