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Monday, January 30, 2012

"Be Still and Know that I am God"

When our two sons were little, they were very active, talkative and yes, rambunctious! Telling them to sit quietly in one place without waving their arms or poking at each other was surely asking the impossible. They would sit still for a few minutes (seconds, really), and then be distracted by something as ordinary as a bird flying overhead. Once again, they’d be squirming and talking... as if I’d never told them to “Be quiet and sit still!”

I have pretty plaques around my home quoting one of my favorite scriptures, Psalm 46:10, “Be Still and Know that I am God”. I’ve loved having this scripture in my home as a steady reminder of the importance of having an intimate, trust-filled relationship with God. At times, I’m able to rest my mind in Him, be quiet in my soul, and really trust Him. Those are times filled with indescribable peace and a “knowing” that defies words...only He can enter into that deep soul-space with me.

Lately however, I (like our sons), have become easily distracted. For several months I’ve had major "life-blips” that I’ve allowed to distract me. I’ve had fewer times of intimately “knowing” my loving and holy God. I’ve sensed Him saying, “Be quiet, be still, and know Me” and yet, I’ve continued to allow myself to be distracted. I think of it as having spiritual A.D.D.!

Oh, but I’m so thankful that He doesn’t give up on me! As my Father, I can hear him patiently and lovingly say, “I’ll help you to ‘Be still and know that I am God”. I’m trusting that He will help me turn my thoughts from the distractions of the day and rest my mind in Him. How about you? Are you easily distracted these days? If so, please join with me in asking Him to help us to quiet our minds and sit with Him in that deep soul-space where we are transformed by our sweet and powerful Savior's presence.

In His glorious name,

These are just a few of my distractions.  How about you?!  What would you add to the list?

Family relationships
A squirrel running up a tree!
The evening news
Love of reading
Oh look!  A bird flying overhead!

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  1. Excellent post! You always speak directly to me! Love it!


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