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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pushing Through Brick Walls

PERSEVERANCE: a continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition

I've read so many stories of brave men and women who have persevered through terrible struggles and despite physical, mental, and emotional challenges have accomplished much.  I love to read of the apostle Paul and how, undeterred by seemingly unbearable hardships, he pressed on.  It encourages me to know that despite three shipwrecks, being stoned, whipped, and persecuted, he chose to continue to walk with God and God gave him the strength and grace to persevere.

Personally, I have a love/hate relationship with perseverance.  I love the challenge of allowing God to direct my day...the feeling of accomplishment from doing the hard work, of un-wasted time, and knowing that I've been obedient.  And yet, I sometimes hate the challenge of allowing God to direct my day...the emotional and physical exhaustion of doing the hard work...of not wasting time, and being obedient.  Yes, that's when I have to choose to continue on, not in my own strength (because sometimes I have none), but by the strength and grace of our loving Father.

I often think of persevering as pushing through a brick wall. The only way we can make it to the other side is with the help of our sweet and powerful Jesus.

We all have brick walls to push through.

For some, it may be recognizing that your worth comes from God and no one can take it from you. 

For some, it's hearing that you have cancer and choosing to still get out of bed every day, go to work, come home and make dinner for your family even when you have no energy to spare.

For some, it's bravely climbing out of the pit of depression one minute at a time.

For some, it's tackling a project that seems overwhelming and endless.

For some, it's feeling crummy all the time, yet pushing through and living well.

For some, it's trying to raise your children to love God, an uphill climb against a seductive world. 

For some, it's walking through the greyness of grief, and learning to patch together a life after the loss of a spouse or loved one.

In each of our lives it’s always about choosing to do the hard work of living...to persevere.  Not one of us can push through that brick wall of life alone. We need the help of our powerful and loving God.   

If you have a story of perseverance, big or small, I would love to hear from you.

"May the Lord bring you into an ever deeper understanding of the love of God and the perseverance that comes from Christ."  2 Thessalonians 3:5

Love and blessings,

• Beethoven (composer) - was deaf
• Ray Charles (musician) - was blind
• Thomas Edison (inventor) - had a learning challenge
• Albert Einstein (scientist) - had a learning disability
• Terry Fox (runner) - is an amputee with cancer
• Stevie Wonder (musician) - is blind
• James Earl Jones (actor) - was a stutterer
• Helen Keller (author) - was deaf and blind
• Marlee Matlin (actress) - is deaf
• Franklin D. Roosevelt (president) - was paralyzed from polio
• Vincent Van Gogh (artist) - was mentally ill
• Itzhak Perlman (concert violinist) - was paralyzed from the waist down
• Stephen Hawking (physicist) - had Lou Gehrig's disease

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  1. Thanks for this! Life does get hard sometimes and I'm so glad God helps us to persevere!


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