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Monday, April 16, 2012

Are You a Re-Gifter?!

Has this ever happened to you?

It's your birthday and a dear girlfriend shows up at the door bearing a pretty pink-wrapped gift box, with a pretty pink bow, and the sweetest card.  Wow!  You can't believe she took time out of her busy schedule to shop, wrap, and bring over this special gift. She can't stay-she needs to make dinner for her family...So after a few happy tears, hugs, and a heart-felt thank you, you bid her a quick farewell...

 It's time to open your gift!  This is a special moment... You make a cup of tea, cozy into your favorite chair and slowly begin to untie the satin ribbon that lovingly embraces your gift. The lid comes off, the tissue paper is folded back, and there lies the most beautiful scarf you've ever seen!  (She knows how much you love scarves!!)  How sweet is that?!!  But wait, as you begin to lift the scarf out of the box, another card flutters to the floor.  You open the card and discover that YOU'VE BEEN RE-GIFTED!!! 
God’s perspective on re-gifting...

God created each of us according to His good pleasure. We each have a role to play in God’s great adventure, to be His hands and heart to this world. He has given us distinct gifts, passions, and life stories... all meant to direct ourselves and others to bring glory and thanksgiving to Him. He has gifted us with Himself – the most extravagant gift imaginable... and then called us to re-gift!
"Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God,
and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God."  1John 4:7

And because we are the “beloved of God, we become the love of God,
blessing those He loves”.
We are His gift to each other, empowered by the Holy Spirit to live out
His gift of love and life.

Each of you is a precious gift from God. Each has been given amazing gifts…gifts to be used to bring glory to Him and extend extraordinary love to one another.

I've talked with so many women who say they have no gifts.  I would say, "If you have Jesus, you have the greatest gift of all...the gift of love."
So, it's time to start re-gifting. 
It's not only acceptable, it's commanded 
by our love-giving God!!
Love and blessings,
If you're not sure what gifts you've been blessed with, please e-mail me at mtreedpa@yahoo.com
 I'll be glad to send you an awesome list of God-given qualities and gifts. 
See if you can identify your giftedness!
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  1. Excellent post! Loved the play on words, "re-gift." Great reminder to re-gift the love that we've been shown!


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