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Monday, October 7, 2013

Are We A Little Too Phoney?

I have a confession to make.  I love my iPhone.  I really do.  I carry it with me where ever I go.  

I love receiving a daily picture or video sent cross-country of my sweet grand-daughter.

I love that throughout the day my husband can text me a little love message… Who wouldn’t love that?!  I love that I can take a picture while going for an evening walk.  I love not missing that call from my mom. (Or anyone else!) I love my Kindle app, my Fitness Pal app, my Weather app., my FB app, my Instagram app...  You get the idea.

Now this is the thing…  The other day I was standing in the grocery line.  (It seems I'm always in a grocery line!) There was an elderly lady in front of me and an elderly gentleman behind me.  The line was long and I was a little bored, so I whipped out my trusty phone and began to check my emails.  I wasn’t expecting anything vital… I was just bored.  And then it hit me.  What if God had ordained this time to engage this man or woman in conversation?  Perhaps they needed a kind or encouraging word.  Perhaps they needed to have someone actually make eye contact, to notice them, to show a small kindness. 

It made me wonder how many other opportunities to share the love of Jesus I’ve missed...  The doctor's office, the hair salon, sitting at Starbucks?  As I thought back over my week, I became painfully aware of so many wasted opportunities.  
Would Jesus have ignored that mom and child 
standing next to Him at Target while He played FreeCell?

A while ago, friends of ours had some acquaintances over for dinner who spent an inordinate amount of time on their phones.  While one was Facebooking about how much fun they were having, the other was Instagramming pictures of our friend's dinner table and posting about the great meal.  She said she was tempted to invite them to stash the phones and just be present sans social media. 

I’m just wondering... In this age of uber-technology, do we sometimes allow our phones/tablets to steal God-ordained moments with those standing or sitting right next to us? 

So, Mary… Note To Self:
Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. 
Be aware of those around you.
Be careful not to use your phone to avoid making one-on-one connections.
If you’re visiting/working/engaging with someone, stay focused on them.  Stay present!
Remember that it’s sometimes those few kind and caring words, a random shared pleasantry, or eye-to-eye conversation that can lift a heavy heart, relieve loneliness, and give someone a glimpse of the sweet love of Jesus.   
Don’t get me wrong, I still love my phone!  It’s just that I’m going to try to be a little less 'connected' and a little more engaged with those around me.
Living in His grace,
How about you?  
Do you miss opportunities to engage with those around you?
Do you ever find yourself distracted by your phone
 and forfeit present-relationship?
Have you ever just wished someone would put down
 their phone, look you in the eyes and talk with you?
I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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  1. Wonderful post and convicting! I love my iPhone, too, and need to be more aware of how much I'm using it when around others. Thank you for the reminder of being more present when with others and to be tender to the Holy Spirit.

    Blessings - Julie

  2. Mary this is so true for most of us but it really hits home for me. I will love my iPhone less and my God more. Thank you for the insight!

  3. SOOOOOOO TRUE! And when you are on the other end of someone texting while you are trying to talk to them as in "when someone is in my chair as I'm doing their hair" they ask a question or start a subject and BOOM there is the phone. I my as well be saying, "blah, blah, blah, blah, blah" I tell you, it makes me shut down right there.

    It hurts.....

    I don't want to ever do that to someone, yes we need to be more cautious!

  4. So convicted by this friend! Oh how God has been calling me to "be present". May people be more important that our hand held technology. And that sensitivity to His Spirit be our first and foremost goal. Excellent reality check for me! Thank you for this today Mary! UNITED in Him, Jen

  5. Hi Mary! Nice to see you again :)

    I love this topic, because I have been at dinners, even at restaurants, where people are busy on the phone UNDER THE TABLE! Can you believe it? Maybe I'm old, but that is rude. And I had to smile at the thought of Jesus in the Target playing Free Cell. That was cute!

    It really does come down to focus. Yes. Holy Spirit, give me the right focus, the right choices. To choose to be present!
    Blessings, Ceil

  6. Mary, I really loved reading this. Thank you for bringing it to light.


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